About Us

Solvijaya Intl offers products worldwide, offering products directly from the East. This is a large wholesale distributor of a wide range of sporting goods, appliances, electronics, hardware, housewares and Christmas items. The company has offices in Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Dubai and Panama, which gives the company a place in the world's largest dedicated to the distribution, the Colon Free Zone.

Solvijaya Intl provides large amounts of merchandise at reasonable prices thanks to its international network. Some of the products supplied by the company include: fitness equipment, balls, toaster ovens, blenders, toasters, coffee machines, vacuum cleaners, irons, personal stereos, televisions, tools, cutlery, Christmas decorations and more.

Because it is strategically located in the Colon Free Zone, Solvijaya International is a leading distributor of products for both the Americas and the world now. The company meets the needs of all customers with high quality products at affordable prices.